A collection of delicious recipes, tried and true.

Here you will find a combination copied down from our own family books, inspiring meal ideas by our in house chefs and recipes we have come by that are too good not to share!

Summer Broccoli Salad



2 broccoli heads

1 red onion

3 rashes of streaky bacon

2 oranges

125 g sour cream

Handful cashew nuts


Cut broccoli into bite size florets and lightly steam

Transfer to ice cold water to retain colour

Finely dice red onion

Fry bacon until crispy and chop into small pieces

Peel and cut oranges into segments

Crush cashews

Strain broccoli and tip into mixing bowl

Add red onion, bacon and oranges and thoroughly combine

Stir through sour cream until ingredients coated

Transfer to your salad serving bowl

Top with crushed cashew


image2 (10).jpeg


We had such a great response to our Facebook post requesting your favourite winter meals ideas that we thought we just had to share them all!! These might give you some inspiration for your weekly meal plan or when you’re next blankly starting into the fridge looking for some inspiration.