Our story

A long standing
local favourite. 

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Boric Food Market owners
Stefan, Verity-Jane, Nada and Franco

Nurtured for three generations

Boric Food Market has been a local favourite for decades. The multi-generational Boric family orchard has evolved from a roadside fruit stall to what is is today.

Growing up and playing in the orchard as kids is something brothers Franco and Stefan fondly remember. The creation of the outside deck and kids play area on the footsteps of where they ran, is a nostalgic nod to those happy memories.


A multi-generational family business since 1942

In 1942, Frank and Zorka Boric purchased a 28 acre orchard in Henderson. 

In 1962, they shifted to the Kumeu property and over the years with the help of their sons Milenko and Barry they planted it with fruit trees that are still producing today. Later they were joined by their wives Sonja and Maria and started operating a produce shop, trading as Boric Orchards up until 2012.

In 2012, third generation brothers Franco and Stefan Boric along with their wives Nada and Verity-Jane, created the concept of ‘Boric Food Market’. This evolved by expanding the sheds to house a vibrant speciality food market and deli.

Largest and last remaining family owned and operated orchards in Auckland region

From over 170 orchards that existed in Auckland, we're one of the largest and last remaining family owned and operated orchard and market gardens selling produce on the soil it’s grown.


What we make

100% pure juice!

Boric Food Market  Juice is proudly made from home grown Boric Orchard fruit. Using our finest produce means there's no added sugar or preservatives in our juice.